About us

Natural Architecture

Founded in 2011, Nature Arch pursues a spirit of free, clear and uncompromising architecture on trends, schools, styles to create high quality products that are suitable for purpose and towards a separate imprint of harmony between architecture and nature. In that spirit, we have contributed to creating many beautiful and civilized living and working spaces in Ho Chi Minh City and localities in Vietnam. This is reflected in the positive records of our works on reputable international websites such as Archdaily.com, Architizer.com and a number of television and architectural and interior magazines country.

Team / Team

Nature Arch was founded by architect Le Tu Thien. Graduated from Architecture University of 1996-2001 and a master's degree in architecture. Architects. Together with the collaboration of a number of architects and other professionals, we want to create an open architecture office, a Nature Arch +.

Le Tu Thien - Director, Architect chaired

Natural Le - Architect

Architect Le Tu Nhien graduated from University of Architecture Design - Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture 1998 - 2013. Being a colleague and brother, Nhien and Thien together created beautiful designs for many works in Vietnam.

Truong Nguyen Hong Quang - Architect

Architect Truong Nguyen Hong Quang graduated from university 1998 - 2013 course with a master's degree in Architecture Design - Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture. Quang is the author of many designs of civil and service in Vietnam.